Kurse und Workshops 2024

Osteoletic Workshop - 14. August in Schleswig

Workshops auf Sylt - 4. Mai - 26. juli - 3. August - 31. August

Feldenkrais Workshop zum Schnuppern mit Malene am 29.8.

Mit Gastdozentin Malene aus Kopenhagen!

Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt - Lisa übersetzt auf Deutsch. 


In this workshop we will explore the idea of the spine being like

a chain connecting the head and the pelvis.

Every vertebra is like a link in the chain we can differentiate and connect.

Focus will be on learning how to develop fluidity, strength and elasticity in this system to allow our head and pelvis to be more free to move as well as deepen our breathing.

We will also look at how our feet touch the ground and how we can improve the transfer of ground force from the feet into the pelvis and up to the head.


At the end of the workshop I will teach some simple exercises for self-treatment.

My intention is to give the participants functional tools to work

with the feet/pelvis/spine/head relationship. The method I am

teaching is based on slow, gently movements in order to create a

safe learning environment and everyone at every level is welcome

to join the workshop.


Am 29. August 2024 18 Uhr bis 20 Uhr im Tanzhaus Schleswig. Der Workshop kostet 40 Euro. Anmeldungen an Lisa bis zum 19. August.